We’re a small team, but growing quickly. As we continue to grow so will the opportunities at 8020 Media. We are currently hiring both full-time and part-time freelance writers.  

Jake Mayock

Founder & Writer

Jake creates content and manages the administrative side of the portfolio, focuses on high-level strategy, and new site acquisitions.

Zach Mayock

Founder & Writer

Zach focuses on content creation and drives our overall content strategy & traffic growth in addition to managing our writing team.

Austin Parsons

Content Writer

Austin is a full-time writer on the team, focusing on creating high-quality and well-researched technical automotive content.

Joe Edwards

Content Writer

Joe is a full-time automotive writer on our team. He has a degree from University of Houston and years of writing experience under his belt.

We're Hiring!

Content Writer

We’re currently hiring content writers, both freelance and full-time. Head over to our Careers page to apply.