About Us

Built By Passion.

Our company was founded back in 2017 out of a passion for automotive performance. At the time Zach and Jake were both modifying their N54 BMW’s and noticed a lack of quality information online around the best modifications, setups, and brands on the market. Forums were, and still are, filled with unhelpful users and there were no go-to resources for truthful information. So, we decided to create our own, launching a blog dedicated to the N54.

While we’ve grown from our humble origins to a portfolio of sites covering all makes and models, passion has driven every piece of content we’ve created along the way. We are a team of in-house writers who all have a deep passion for the automotive industry. We are performance enthusiasts.

We strive to produce the highest quality and most accurate information to help fellow enthusiasts, regardless of skill or knowledge, determine the best modifications and build setups for their vehicle all while ensuring proper maintenance and care. Our recommendations are honest, our information is accurate, and our desire to help you build your car the right way is real.


To provide automotive enthusiasts with the most accurate and high-quality information surrounding performance modifications, tuning, DIY, and repair and maintenance.


To bring a world class library of resources to automotive enthusiasts encompassing all makes and models, establishing our brands as the go-to resource for performance modification information.


We value the pursuit of performance, building things the right way, accuracy in information, honesty in recommendations, and the internal combustion engine’s rightful place on the road.

Our Enthusiasts.

A Few of Our Projects

We actually build cars. We aren’t a media company full of corporate workers. We build stuff, or try to build stuff.
We don’t have a 1,000whp GT-R built by some famous shop, we have a random collection of ‘tuner’ cars that
we build ourselves. We aren’t just writers behind a screen, we’re real enthusiasts who build real cars.
We aren’t professionals, but we’re genuine.

Single Turbo 135i

1. Single-Turbo 135i N54

Power Goals: consistent 700whp, 750whp max
Purpose: to be faster than Zach’s 135i

Jake has owned this 135i since 2017. He picked it up with 32k miles and it currently only has 65k miles. It mostly sat with bolt-on modifications since he has owned it, waiting to do a big single turbo build and the time has finally come.

Build List:
-Speedtech Top Mount Kit with VS Racing 44mm/open dump
-Precision 6266 Turbo (Gen 2 ball bearing)
-Phoenix Racing Port Injection Manifold
-Fuel-It 750cc PI Injectors
-JB4 PI Controller
-Precision Raceworks Stage 3 LPFP
-RB PCV Valve
-3.5 Bar TMAP Sensor

2. 1992 Miata 1.6L

Platform: bone stock 1.6L, impressive 116hp
Power Goals: turbo? LS swap?
Purpose: Weekend Track Warrior

The Miata was purchased at the same time as Zach’s E30. The plan is to do a track build-off where we ultimately pit Jake in the Miata against Zach in the E30 and see who wins. He cheated about bought an E30 that is engine swapped so I’m thinking this puppy needs a turbo or a swap. Unfortunately the 1.6L isn’t the most power capable platform, so it might need a 1.8 swap, or should we go crazy and LS swap it?

The Miata came bone stock – Jake has installed a few mods on it so far but has no money left so it’s waiting until the 135i is finished. We’re going to be doing a build-off series on YouTube with this and the E30.

1992 Miata 1.6L
BMW E30 Project Car

3. 1989 M30 Swapped E30 325i

Platform: 3.5L M30 swapped into a 325i Coupe
Power Goals: Turbo? 300whp+
Purpose: Track Warrior / Drift

This E30 came to us with a swapped 3.5L M30 engine in it. We haven’t taken it to the dyno but we are guessing it’s putting down about 225whp. The E30 is almost completely gutted with some very comfortable metal Kirkey seats and all of the nice AC, stereo, and other amenities deleted.

It’s currently setup for drifting but we are going to be re-purposing it mostly for the track, refreshing the brakes and suspension and possibly even tossing a turbo kit under the hood.